Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home sweet home

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

How are you? Hope that you're in the best of health, insyaAllah...

Well, if you're feeling blue, cheer up, because holiday is around the corner! #CNY

I'm on my holiday now though haha... Yeah, arrived safe & sound from Kuantan after 12 hours journey, phew... How do I did it you asked? Well to tell you the truth, I'm used to it. Sure, sometimes I felt too beat or wished that I could just take a plane but since that's too fancy of an option for me, I just have to make do then. 

So, home is good, homey as as homey as it should be. It's very sunny here *just the way I like it*. There's more rabbits since my last time here, & there's also a big fat hamster, haha, this must be my Sister's or my Dad's *yeah, no kidding* Oh yeah, I've been searching for Nowi & the kittens but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Instead, there are these two adult cats which I've never seen before making themselves comfortable on the couch. I was like, "Hey, do I know you?..." 

Anyway, today is kinda like my rest day, you know. All I do is sleep & watch movies, haha. Well, that's what holiday is all about, isn't it? Wait, those are what I do everyday actually, haha.

Let me get back to you ok? Until then, Happy Chinese New Year!

Bye, for now.

Apparently, this new cat isn't into selfies as much as I am...

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  1. Saya datang ziarah, baca entry dan follow...
    Moga diberkati dan dirahmati Allah selalu... :-)