Saturday, February 14, 2015


Assalamualaikum & Hello!

How are you guys enjoyin' ur weekend?

Well, I'm spending most of it by watching this new series that I'm sooo obsessed with, ever heard of Gotham? Well, if you're a fan of Batman (I am!), I'm sure you'll love it. Oh, please remind me to write about it here one day, ok?

So today, I spend most of the time by being angry at people, haha, not a good thing, I know, but tell me kalau dah sampai lebih kurang dua jam locked out from my own room dengan towel, siapa yang tak marah kan, haha... & yeah, twice, haha... I was so angry that I was almost gonna lash out tapi bila fikir2 balik, I'm not gonna let myself say or do something stupid that I'll regret later. If you find yourself being really angry or mad at someone, it always help to walk out of the situation by doing something else instead of letting yourself be consumed by the perasaan you know, so that's what I did. *applause applause*

Anyhow, I was not sure that I'm gonna be back home for the Chinese New Year #cny. Yeah, 'cause we originally were going to have only four days break from Thursday to Sunday, so, dengan tak beli tiketnya lagi & with all the traffic jam on the highway that will be almost 100% happening, instead of spending most of the time by being miserable on the bus more than at home with family, I rather stay.

But you know what, some unexpected events happened yesterday at work (a bad one unfortunately), so, the faculty has decided to give us more days for the holiday! Instead of Thursday, we'll be having it from Monday, cheers to that. Time tu macam mixed feelings, because being in the final year students, kejar-ing the requirements & all, clinical sessions are sooo important for us to be missed! But bila fikir yang last break pun tak sempat balik sebab kena pergi the elective posting, somehow I feel yang rumah kat Kedah tu dah memanggil2 menyeru2 untuk balik. Oh yeah, & I miss my parents & adik2 sooo much, so yeah, I'm going home after all. But, I still don't get myself a ticket home, I don't even tell my parents yet, haha. Maybe I'll go buy it tomorrow for the night trip either Sunday or Monday.

So, don't miss me? haha... #sayNOtoValentines #kelabsingle

Bye for now. Happy CNY!...


  1. Selamat balik kg. Syok ah rabu dah cuti.. aku kamis bru cuti tp ambil cuti rabu sbb subuh rabu nak drive balik pantai timur.. hopefully tak jam.

    1. Weyh, sorry lama tak singgah blog kau! Lama dah tak sempat nak blogwalking, sedih. Ni pun baru aku rajin nak update balik weyh. Kalau tengok dalam aku punya comments, penuh gila spam, hahaha...

      Thanks weyh. Kau balik elok2 lah, haha, pantai timur antara tempat2 yg teruk jugak kan kalau jammed? hahaha... Aku pun ni taktaulah macammana... Dari Kuantan ke Kedah kau imagine lah, haha..