Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nah, surat cinta!

Hello there!

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Last update pun bulan 11 tahun lepas, haha. Boleh lagi tak nak wish "Happy New Year?..." #toolittletoolate

How are you guys? Hope that you're blessed with the best of health, insyaAllah. Oyeah, I'm fine too, thanks, haha.

What has been keeping me busy... It's like everyday I do prosthodontics...hah...

So, I just finished my end of block 2 exams. Not much to talk about really. Sebab dah selalu kena exam, jadi setiap kali ada exam, dah numb, dah tak rasa cuak, takut tak dapat jawab or whatever, haha. Teringat lagi dulu zaman sekolah, kalau nak exam tu, bukan main nervous, paling teruk sampai blank bila nak jawab soalan, sebab punyalah takut tak dapat jawab sampai lupa habis semua benda yang diulangkaji, haha. Zaman2 asasi dulu pun, ada jugak sket2 nervous bila nak exam, time tu mula kenal dengan term 'nervous diarrhea'. Mula2 bila dengar ada kawan yang went thru that, rasa macam, "Wow, macam tu sekali?... #sarcasm" because at that time it seems to me that it doesn't make sense. Tapi, bila diri sendiri kena baru tau how inconvenient it acually is. 


Mata helang tak? Spot me!
Nowadays, I don't experience those kind of stuff anymore, I don't know. I guess it depends anyway. I mean, it depends on how big the exam is. This end-block exam is not a big exam actually so I guess that's why. I mean come one, I have to sit for exams once in three month so tell me how that it is not numbing me already, haha. Persoalan kat sini sekarang, kenapa dah banyak kali exam pun, bodoh jugak, hahaha. #okeh #takbaik

So, supposedly we are having a one week break post-exam, but unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to spend the whole week in Kedah. Sebabnya all of us have to go for this elective posting in Melaka or Johor. Hah. It's gonna take up until Thursday, so I haven't yet decided whether to still go to Kedah after that or just head back to Kuantan, because we are starting the new block next Monday. I have to settle some works some more which include the preparation for the mock-up research presentation that will be coming up in next two weeks, a set of denture to be ready for try-in & a lot of studying and revision. & I don't know how will I tell Mom that I maybe not be able to go back *teary eyes* . Guess I can't fuss much though being a final year student now, can I...hmm...

Anyway, I still haven't figured out what to bring for tomorrow. Well, since I will not be able to have a proper break, might as well consider this elective posting as a getaway then. Dari semalam, asyik Google tempat2 makan yang best kat Melaka, haha... #nampaktakpermainandia

So, lemme get back to you after?

Take care, 
Mr. H.

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