Monday, September 14, 2015

Demi sesuap nasi...

Assalamualaikum & hello!

Last weekend I had been given an opportunity to work a weekend job with the company in hosting an event for PASDEC Holdings Berhad at the Kuantan Parade in conjunction with the Karnival Jualan Pasdec 2015 in which they were putting a sale on the houses under their development.

Honestly, I have never had a job prior to this one. After SPM, I applied for a job at this ticketing agent for coach liners & at a computer outlet as a sales agent, but never actually get it. The computer people called but I declined it somehow because they were stressing about meeting up the sales & everything & being so young & a little bit pessimist, I was so afraid of screwing up *never do that again, dear self* So, that makes this really the first time for me. How's that for trying new things *applause applause*

What makes me decide to do this one was basically to have a new experience & to help this dear friend of mine *his brother in law is the boss*, besides the allowance.

This job is not actually a hard one. Basically what we had to do was just being on standby around the vicinity for any technical situations like handling the coffee machine & refreshments for the staffs & the customers, keeping the area clean and just basically anything that need extra pairs of hands. Oh, and we have to help setting up and clean up the place nights before and after the event. I honestly think we were overpaid for the job so I just do anything & see if I can offer any help for just everything. What was most tiring for me though was the time, which is from 10 am to 10 pm, in which we just have to stand there, be ready for anything. And the night before the event was extremely exhausting in which we have to bring in these trees for decoration purpose which were very very heavy.


Group photo with Ustaz Dato' Badli Shah who gave a talk about the responsibilities of a Muslim to his neighbor

Going thru the experience make me really feel how hard it is to earn money, for just anybody. It is not easy. In those paychecks, were countless sweat & tears, sleepless nights, restless days & time. I mean, just imagine those people who are stucked with jobs that they don't like, yet they have to endure it every month just to keep living.

*Maka nikmat mana yang kamu dustakan?*

Employ me,
Hanih B.

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  1. Hi, saya sangat menyukai blog anda! ZALORA Malaysia kini sedang mencari blogger yang berbakat, dan saya tertanya adakah anda berminat untuk satu kolaborasi blog bersama kami. Anda boleh hubungi saya di jika anda berminat dengan tawaran ini dan saya akan berikan segala butiran di sana. Harap dapat balasan emel anda secepat yang mungkin!