Monday, August 17, 2015

"You're rubbing me the wrong way"


Have you ever strucked by how insensitive some people who you thought you knew might be?

Like you said to yourself, "Gosh, I thought you have a heart!" Or if I wanna be shady, sometimes I'll just think that he or she is autistic so that I will not let myself hate that person.

When somebody is tested with some difficult situations, the least that we can do is provide a supportive environment. 

When you don't have something nice to say, they you are better off by being silent.

When you don't really know or understand people, the more reason you shouldn't be making any judgment. 

How big is a test given to a person is not a picture of how bad that person might be.

I have been treating you very well all this time but what have you thrown my way is just unacceptable. From now on, you will be among one of those people that I will be nice to just for the sake of completing my work here. You have given me a one strong reason to why I must get off this place as soon as possible.

Hanih B.

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