Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nah, surat cinta!

Hello there!

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Last update pun bulan 11 tahun lepas, haha. Boleh lagi tak nak wish "Happy New Year?..." #toolittletoolate

How are you guys? Hope that you're blessed with the best of health, insyaAllah. Oyeah, I'm fine too, thanks, haha.

What has been keeping me busy... It's like everyday I do prosthodontics...hah...

So, I just finished my end of block 2 exams. Not much to talk about really. Sebab dah selalu kena exam, jadi setiap kali ada exam, dah numb, dah tak rasa cuak, takut tak dapat jawab or whatever, haha. Teringat lagi dulu zaman sekolah, kalau nak exam tu, bukan main nervous, paling teruk sampai blank bila nak jawab soalan, sebab punyalah takut tak dapat jawab sampai lupa habis semua benda yang diulangkaji, haha. Zaman2 asasi dulu pun, ada jugak sket2 nervous bila nak exam, time tu mula kenal dengan term 'nervous diarrhea'. Mula2 bila dengar ada kawan yang went thru that, rasa macam, "Wow, macam tu sekali?... #sarcasm" because at that time it seems to me that it doesn't make sense. Tapi, bila diri sendiri kena baru tau how inconvenient it acually is. 


Mata helang tak? Spot me!
Nowadays, I don't experience those kind of stuff anymore, I don't know. I guess it depends anyway. I mean, it depends on how big the exam is. This end-block exam is not a big exam actually so I guess that's why. I mean come one, I have to sit for exams once in three month so tell me how that it is not numbing me already, haha. Persoalan kat sini sekarang, kenapa dah banyak kali exam pun, bodoh jugak, hahaha. #okeh #takbaik

So, supposedly we are having a one week break post-exam, but unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to spend the whole week in Kedah. Sebabnya all of us have to go for this elective posting in Melaka or Johor. Hah. It's gonna take up until Thursday, so I haven't yet decided whether to still go to Kedah after that or just head back to Kuantan, because we are starting the new block next Monday. I have to settle some works some more which include the preparation for the mock-up research presentation that will be coming up in next two weeks, a set of denture to be ready for try-in & a lot of studying and revision. & I don't know how will I tell Mom that I maybe not be able to go back *teary eyes* . Guess I can't fuss much though being a final year student now, can I...hmm...

Anyway, I still haven't figured out what to bring for tomorrow. Well, since I will not be able to have a proper break, might as well consider this elective posting as a getaway then. Dari semalam, asyik Google tempat2 makan yang best kat Melaka, haha... #nampaktakpermainandia

So, lemme get back to you after?

Take care, 
Mr. H.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aku tanya "Apa Khabar..."

Assalamualaikum & good morning everybody. 
Hope that whoever is reading this is in the best of health, amin.

So, I started to write again. Hah... 

I just actually finished my end-of-block 1 examination, 8 subjects altogether, yeah. Put some efforts into it & I feel quite OK in answering. I mean, I don't leave the space empty, haha, that's the important thing. Man, I feel stupid if I have to return the question paper empty, I did it before & I didn't like the way I feel afterwards, so, I don't want to do it again, haha. Anyway...

Life is just OK now. I'm in my final year now & insyaAllah, I'll be graduating in just about 9 months time & God knows how time flies! I'm still struggling with my clinical requirements, you know, dentures to be constructed, tooth to be canal-treated & minor oral surgery to be done. I'm not even close in finishing any of it, so, I'm very worried about it. This past 3 months has not been really great or productive. My aim was to not let any clinic passed by without doing any treatment, but you know, sometimes this thing is beyond us. Patient cancelling appointment in the last minute, children crying or just shutting their mouth during treatment, dentures need to be redo & many more. May Allah ease insyaAllah...

Some of my dear friends who started dentistry in the same batch as me have graduated last month. I had the chance to go see them during the convocation. Although it was very tiring & took up my weekend, it wasn't really happy because I was sooo genuinely happy for them! Oh, I am just sooo proud & I know that they are going to give 'em hell outside, hahaha. Convocation is always an inspiring thing to me, so, being there was a good thing for my motivation in my study, oyeah.

We have to move in to new building here in the campus. It's been about 2 weeks or so now. I'm quickly adjusting to it but somehow it feels like I'm back in high school again. Sebabnya, sebelum ni tinggal kat single room & sekarang kat bangunan baru ni, kena tinggal 4 orang satu bilik, jadi, macam tak best sket hahaha. Tak ada lah, sebelum ni I can just make noises & stay up late or whatever, tapi sekarang, kena fikir untuk tak sakitkan hati roommates & so. I don't think I'm good in keeping people happy, because if I'm started to be really concern about it, I just let it consume me too much, so, haha. It's complicated right, but, that's life, dude! Anyway... I'm really gonna miss my old room. There's sooo much memories made in that room. That was pretty much my 'cave' whenever I'm feeling sad or anything. So, it's one of those places that I'm definitely gonna remember along the way.

Nak meninggalkan Horcrux kat sini ala-Voldemort boleh? Haha...

I make some new friends & I'm really happy about it. It's a big deal for me because somehow these past few years, I tend to push people away & only let in people who are very close to me, of fear of being hurt or not understood. But I learned now that that's not always the case, because it turns out, people who are the closest to you who will actually hurts you the most. Funny huh? But that doesn't happen with everybody though, so, no worries haha... Anyway, I like to know people, to listen to their stories, to see how they see the world, so, knowing somebody new is definitely an interesting thing for me. It's just awesome to know that people can be so similar to us as they are so different, so yeah, hope I am good enough in keeping them as well.

Oh yeah, please check out my IG (hanihborhan), I put on new pictures almost everyday haha, so, don't worry about I'm possibly being dormant there haha. Somehow, I prefer IG now compared to Blogger/Facebook/Twitter now to express whatever I'm feeling sometimes. I guess the saying 'a picture worth a thousand words' does have some sense to it actually.

Signing off-

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yeah, I'm back!

Hello everybody!

Oh my, lamanya tak post entry baru kat sini! Yup, last entry was on 19th of March. Tu pun Wordless Wednesday je, macam entry sebelum tu jugak. Haih.

Well, tak ada mood sangat sebelum ni untuk menulis. Tak ada sebab lain kalau bukan sibuk & stress dengan hal2 akademik & klinikal kat sini. 

As a 4th year dental student here in KOD (& other Dental schools, I'm sure), everyday life was all about the clinical requirements. Go & ask every dentist about their college life, matters about requirements cannot be missed. We started worrying about requirements from the 3rd year, because that was when we started our clinical training on the real patients. It gets worse when we're in the 4th year because we have to pass some certain numbers or percentage (about 70%) of the whole requirements (which is from third year until fifth year) to be eligible to sit for the Promotional Exam which we have to pass to get thru to the final year.

Promotional exam ni macam ujian praktikal lah lebih kurang. Skil klinikal kami diuji, contohnya ujian buat tampalan besar, ujian bagi ubat bius & ujian buat acuan atau ukur gigi untuk buat dentures. Jadi, untuk layak buat ujian ni, kami kena lepas dulu percentage requirements tu. Hah, separuh mati kerja tiap2 hari nak cukupkan requirements. Bila dah cukup, gelisah & stress untuk buat Promotional Exam tu pulak. Nak cari patient yang sesuai, nak book exam date & sebagainya. Seriously, roller-coaster of emotions, like everyday! Rutin biasa, pukul 8 sampai 10 pagi ke kuliah. Pukul 10 sampai ke 5 petang, sibuk di klinik. Oh, bukan boleh balik terus lepas tu tau! Naik lab pulak untuk siapkan gigi palsu... Ye, tiap2 hari macamni. Biasanya kalau balik dari lab pukul 6 petang (atau Maghrib), terus dinner & tidur. Memang dah burnout tak sempat nak study apa2. Sebab tu kalau hari Jumaat tu memang seronok gila sebab dapat rehat sekejap waktu hujung minggu.

So, isn't it a valid reason from me not to write about anything here? (alasan, haha...) Actually, there's so much important moments that I would love to write about. But since it was like months ago, haha... So... No...haha...

Alhamdulillah, no other words can describe how grateful I am to received the results on last Friday that I am eligible to go to the final year.

Final year BDS, here I come! 

Sweat & tears, not to mention blood, yeah, literally!... I was actually preparing myself for the worst, so when I received the news, I didn't know how to react. Some of my friends told me that I don't look as happy as they would expect. I dunno, haha... Because at the same time, some of my dear friends are tested to not be eligible to be promoted to the final year, so somehow, as much as I am happy, it feels lacking in some way, because there's missing faces in the picture that I had in my mind.

Alas, Allah is The All-Knowing, so He knows best. & I am touched by how strong & composed they all reacted in such situations. My dear prayers go to all of us...

Oh, saya akan b'cuti lama ni! Tak rancang lagi apa nak buat cuti ni. Hmm, mungkin boleh habiskan baca buku2 yang banyak tak t'baca tu? ;p