Friday, June 5, 2015

Yang indah itu di mana-mana

Duhai sahabat,

Semua insan mengimpikan yang seindah bintang-bintang di langit,

Andai tak dapat menggapai bintang-bintang berkilau,

Burung-burung yang bebas berkicau pun indah jugak,

Andai tak tercapai burung-burung beterbangan,

Yakinlah, banyak bunga-bunga cantik yang setia menunggu atas daratan ni.

Jangan putus asa ye, B.

Sampai masa nanti, aku akan dapat jemputan walimah daripada engkau insyaAllah.

Yours truly,


Monday, April 13, 2015

Keeping up with YOU.

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

How are you guys? Fine, I hope, insyaAllah.

I'm done with my Pre-Professional Examination for Year 5 last week.

Well, exam is exam. You study until you have all these headache, sleepless nights and sickness and all, stared at the hard or simply too easy exam questions for a minute or more, and write just about everything to make sure you do not leave blank papers, haha.

Honestly, I feel like I have too much exams since my first year, so, everytime there's an exam, I'll be like, "Let's get this over with..." #wow #justwow

Anyway, I just want to ask, what do you think of a one-sided relationship? You know, those things where people says that you have to give and take and whatever.

Because I am in this kinda situation right now. Honestly, I've known it for some time, years in fact, but I just didn't want to admit it to myself because I don't want to sangka buruk and all, you know. So, I told myself, to just pull thru, believing that some things (or people) are destined to be in your life for some reason we might or might not know.

But over the years, seeing nothing changes, I think I start to be caving, which is not a good thing. And I learned that this is not a good relationship.

I'm tired of the same cycle of events that's gonna take place. Because now, at this point, I don't think that there could be any other way except walking away, or let myself be succumbed to the relationship.

Oh God...

Hanih Borhan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Home sweet home

Assalamualaikum & Hello!

How are you? Hope that you're in the best of health, insyaAllah...

Well, if you're feeling blue, cheer up, because holiday is around the corner! #CNY

I'm on my holiday now though haha... Yeah, arrived safe & sound from Kuantan after 12 hours journey, phew... How do I did it you asked? Well to tell you the truth, I'm used to it. Sure, sometimes I felt too beat or wished that I could just take a plane but since that's too fancy of an option for me, I just have to make do then. 

So, home is good, homey as as homey as it should be. It's very sunny here *just the way I like it*. There's more rabbits since my last time here, & there's also a big fat hamster, haha, this must be my Sister's or my Dad's *yeah, no kidding* Oh yeah, I've been searching for Nowi & the kittens but couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Instead, there are these two adult cats which I've never seen before making themselves comfortable on the couch. I was like, "Hey, do I know you?..." 

Anyway, today is kinda like my rest day, you know. All I do is sleep & watch movies, haha. Well, that's what holiday is all about, isn't it? Wait, those are what I do everyday actually, haha.

Let me get back to you ok? Until then, Happy Chinese New Year!

Bye, for now.

Apparently, this new cat isn't into selfies as much as I am...

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Assalamualaikum & Hello!

How are you guys enjoyin' ur weekend?

Well, I'm spending most of it by watching this new series that I'm sooo obsessed with, ever heard of Gotham? Well, if you're a fan of Batman (I am!), I'm sure you'll love it. Oh, please remind me to write about it here one day, ok?

So today, I spend most of the time by being angry at people, haha, not a good thing, I know, but tell me kalau dah sampai lebih kurang dua jam locked out from my own room dengan towel, siapa yang tak marah kan, haha... & yeah, twice, haha... I was so angry that I was almost gonna lash out tapi bila fikir2 balik, I'm not gonna let myself say or do something stupid that I'll regret later. If you find yourself being really angry or mad at someone, it always help to walk out of the situation by doing something else instead of letting yourself be consumed by the perasaan you know, so that's what I did. *applause applause*

Anyhow, I was not sure that I'm gonna be back home for the Chinese New Year #cny. Yeah, 'cause we originally were going to have only four days break from Thursday to Sunday, so, dengan tak beli tiketnya lagi & with all the traffic jam on the highway that will be almost 100% happening, instead of spending most of the time by being miserable on the bus more than at home with family, I rather stay.

But you know what, some unexpected events happened yesterday at work (a bad one unfortunately), so, the faculty has decided to give us more days for the holiday! Instead of Thursday, we'll be having it from Monday, cheers to that. Time tu macam mixed feelings, because being in the final year students, kejar-ing the requirements & all, clinical sessions are sooo important for us to be missed! But bila fikir yang last break pun tak sempat balik sebab kena pergi the elective posting, somehow I feel yang rumah kat Kedah tu dah memanggil2 menyeru2 untuk balik. Oh yeah, & I miss my parents & adik2 sooo much, so yeah, I'm going home after all. But, I still don't get myself a ticket home, I don't even tell my parents yet, haha. Maybe I'll go buy it tomorrow for the night trip either Sunday or Monday.

So, don't miss me? haha... #sayNOtoValentines #kelabsingle

Bye for now. Happy CNY!...

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Assalamualaikum & hello!

How are you? Hope that you are doing fine. I miss you guys, so that's why I wrote this.

Just to tell you, I am not doing so good these past few days.

I always thought when we are in pain, it's better to swallow all of it, to not admitting it to yourself, or at least to not mutter it out loud, because somehow by doing those, it will somehow let you be consumed & affected by the things itself, which I don't like, because I am gonna let myself be affected by it. But they say, the first thing to do to get help is admitting (at least to yourself) that there is something wrong...

Friends, is it normal for a person my age to still be thinking about how would I like to see myself, those who-am-I kind of stuff? Is it normal for me to still figuring who I want to be & things that I wish I did? Is it normal to still be uncertain of how my future is gonna turn out?

Please, doakan yang baik-baik untuk saya. I'm gonna go figure out my future. #gelap

Bye for now.