Sunday, January 3, 2016

My 2015 highlight

 1. Dental Public Health (DPH) elective posting in Melaka.

2. Farewell to dear buddies whose graduating.

3. Thanks to Filani, I am glad to be able to have a closer relationship with Abd Rahman. It's crazy how you have always been looking for a friend who is sekepala with you, but in turn he has been there in front of you all along. Thanks to Filani too, I get to know Nabil. More friendsss!

4. Farewell for Abd Rahman's graduation.

5. Completion of the final year research project. I have always want to go thru the process & dreaming of it one day ever since I was a junior watching my seniors presenting at the conference.
*Complete Edentulism in relation to Socio-economic Status of Prosthodontic Patients in Kulliyyah of Dentistry, IIUM*

6. First theater (sorta) experience! Next : Broadway in NYC!

7. Weekly Thursday Chatime routine established with dear Nasuha & Ezatul. #thirstea
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8. Emceeing one of the slots for the National Dental Students Scientific Conference this time hosted by our Kulliyyah. #NDSSC15
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9. Earth Day event with Malaysian Nature Society at Teluk Chempedak, Pahang.

10. One of those down days. Many people have been trying to get thru to me but I just simply push people away.
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11. First taste of part-time/weekend job! #karnivaljualanPasdec
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12. The highlight-est of the highlights of 2015! My bestfriends' wedding! #AmalLani

13. Our own 'Kedah-welcoming' ceremony. *Kedah welcomes _____ !*

14. Glad to spend some time with my dear juniors in the Rock Your Spirit event.

15. Half of the year was went thru without their absence. I miss my bestfriends! #IzzyLaniHumfy

16. Farewell for dear Dr Kais.

17. Overnight in KL. Izral, Filani & I have always planned for one but it never happened so far.
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18. Visiting our technician, Pakcik Razdi who had just been diagnosed with C.

19. The second highlight of the highlights. The White Cote takes Penang trip. #WhiteCotetakesPenang
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Happy New Year!
Hanih B.

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