Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rock Your Spirit!


Hope you guys are having a great weekend no matter what you do.

In the early of the month, I had an opportunity to join a half-day university 'Rock Your Spirit' event held at Pantai Cherating here in Kuantan which was in my understanding, a collaboration with the local Kementerian Belia dan Sukan & Kelab Rakan Muda. 

We convoyed by cars from the university about 2 pm & arrived at the Hafiz's Cherating Activities bout one hour later. This is a 'love nature' event in which we help planted the mangroves baby along the river there. Just when we arrived, we were given briefing about how to plant the mangroves by the owner of the place, Mr Hafiz himself. 

We were then divided into small groups & off by boat cruising along the river until we reached our each designated spots. Each groups were given bout two bags of mangrove 'seeds' or whatever we actually call it (I don't remember!). What we have to do is plant these seeds in about one metre from each other in a zig-zag pattern so that it will grow up all nice & pretty.

You know, this event certainly brings me back to about three years back when I joined a mangrove planting project at the other area of Cherating by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and BASF Petronas. So, I used some of my experience from this past event to help myself with this recent one.

A photo posted by h Borhan (@karuhtpuhteytoh) on

A photo posted by h Borhan (@karuhtpuhteytoh) on

Other than the new seeds we brought, we also helped replanting those seeds that had been displaced probably due to high tides at night. Semangat!

A photo posted by h Borhan (@karuhtpuhteytoh) on

We were also joined by I guess some students from high schools, so it got a little awkward sometime because they were all shy and just don't talk much haha! I bet they even got weird watching us adults play. Anyway, after we had some TLC time until Maghrib, we went for a river cruise for the fireflies watching trip. This was sorta like the highlight of the event and I am sure most of us were eagerly waiting for it the whole day.

A photo posted by מוסלמי (@muslim1sma1l) on

A photo posted by מוסלמי (@muslim1sma1l) on

I don't know what to expect from it actually, but I am excited. So we went in groups of boats in which we take turn to 'play' with the fireflies. What I meant by play is that, the tour guide will attract the fireflies to the boat by communicating with them using this flashlights. 

You know, the moment the fireflies came to the boat, it was surreal. It felt magical if I'm not exaggerating. Imagine a skies of lights moving to you. The girls were very excited they always try to catch some with their hands. We were reminded by the tour guide to not clap them to death and not to play with our smartphones or anything with light so that it will not confuse the fireflies (hence, no photos). It was drizzling for a while then so we were wet when we got back. I don't remember for how long we were on the boat but it felt long enough. 

We were then treated to a sponsored dinner from Kenny Rogers Roadsters. Cool, I know right? 

It was a great & fun Saturday, but mostly I was very glad to be spending some time with my juniors, Azim, Muslim & Shukur. Many thanks of course to Kamil who got dragged with us for driving us to & from.

Mangrove yay!
Hanih B.

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