Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fesyen Lelaki in trend!

Assalamualaikum & Hello! 

So, how do you feel about shopping? Chances are if you are a lady, you are pretty much born with it. But to us the gentlemen, most hate the idea of going shopping or spending time at the mall like girls do. I mean, seriously, how can we ever get it when girls can spend their whole day at the mall, shopping... phewww.  It's not that we do not want or buy things. It's just that gentlemen are more strict in differentiating the needs & the wants. So, when you see a man go shopping, that means that he really need to get something that he has really planned to buy. Get it?

Lately, we can see that online shopping trend in Malaysia has become a more popular choice for the shopaholics around the country. It started with the emergence of many online shopping websites or blogs by companies or individuals selling everything.

I, too love this idea of online shopping for some reasons and have actually 'lost' myself in the said trend.

For a busy man like me, it's hard to have manage some time where you can just spend a day or half of it at the mall for shopping. Most of the time I just have to kirim to my friends who are going to help me buy stuff that I need. Bukanlah tak menghargai kawan yang dah membantu kita, tapi most of the time, I wish I was there shopping & making my own choice, ya know, instead of relying on other people.

Thank God for online shopping! Because of it, I can go shopping without actually have to be anywhere. Talking about avoiding the hassles of finding the parking spots, lonq queues and exhausting crowds at the malls. And hey, I can save time too!

Shopping is just clicks away when we can do it online and it is totally reliable as the purchase is send right at your door.

This makes it so irresistable for me to purchase one of my favourite fesyen lelaki items online which is BAJU!

Check out these 3 jenis baju fesyen lelaki popular yang sooo in now!

This sweatshirt which is easily available online now jadi kegilaan ramai lelaki di luar sana. Many local fashion designers have also released their own sweatshirt collections.