Sunday, October 14, 2012


Last friday, we had a visit from the Colgate company in which they were here to educate us the dental students, clinical staffs & lecturers about their Pro-Argin magic, the anti-dentin hypersensitivity that's been currently promoted widely here in Malaysia. They were here before if I'm not mistaken when the product was just introduced about, say, two years ago.

Anyhow, this Pro-Argin technology is really cool & awesome. Say, you have some hypersensitivity issues when you're having your iced lattes or Baskin Robbins', how uncool is that, right? That'll then cause us to avoid it in the future so that we'll not experience the same pain. 

Avoid'em no more, just use this Pro-Argin products from Colgate & let'em do their tricks on those interdental nerves. Now, I don't want to get into the scientific processes that happened in the way, but trust me on this, after using the products, that pain'll never bother your ice-cream & iced lattes anymore. It works in seconds and last long, I have testimonies from the patients that the product is really cool & awesome.

Anyway, thanks to Colgate for giving us some cool goodies. This is one of the awesome things you'll get as a dental students.

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