Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lessons of Life #3

Life so far has taught me that;

Our careful choice of words before uttering it in a sentence through our mouth &
our silly choice of words that we spoken without any pre-'thoughtful thinking' which may sometimes change into a 'subconsiously done' habit,
can affect the way other people think about us & react with us...

There are so many different words for so many type of feeling,
So many different words for many different things,
Your careful choice of them,
May save you from bad perception & may save you from having people not talking to you,
May make you a smart & clever person or a silly & egoist people,
May make you a person with noble & honour or a person with nothing.

Right words,
make you a child to your parent,
make you a student to your teacher,
save your friendship, save your relationship
save you in your survival...

You don't want people to get the things that come out from your mouth differ with the things that come out from your heart...
And that's why you need to use your brain...

Kerana pulut santan binasa, 
Kerana mulut badan binasa...

One more thing, whatever happen to the things that everybody learn when we're small?
See, those 'Magic Word' aren't called magic for no reasons,

A simple 'Thank you' in exchange regardless of how small other people give out to you, will let them know that you know how to appreciate people and hesitation in helping out won't even come into their mind second time you're in need.  

Asking for help with no 'Please' is not really asking for help. That's dictating and you are a Dictator.

Will people can even brace themselves to be sincere in helping you when they have the impression that you don't know your place?
What place?
You're the one in need, so you're the hand under...
They're the one who give, so they're the hand above...
Got it?...

Yup, this is such an easy-peasy & small thing compared to some political scandal that everybody love to talk about,
Like "Who the hell even care about manners in speaking anymore?"
Like "Are you from the past & come here with a time machine?"

But, if it is such an easy-peasy, why aren't there many people doing it anymore...

Words matters!


  1. hmmm.. haaa.. right..
    lidah adalah anggota yg paling "mulia" dan "jahat"...

    1. Kan... T'ingat pulak cerita yg waktu kat Hari Akhirat nanti anggota2 tubuh badan kita yg lain yg akan jawabkan untuk kita, dalam masa sama, mulut kita ditutup...

  2. diam itu lbh baik drp byk berkata2..that is true..

    1. Yup, setuju! :)

      Banyak kata2 cenderung untuk buat dosa...