Friday, April 27, 2012

Why is the OPTIMA K5 ahead of its class?

The first time I saw it, I was having lunch in a full-house hawker stall by the roadside. I sat facing the parking area when it came. Like a mystical unicorn galloping through the horses, like a white swan gracing through a pack of duck. That moment when you’re drowned by the emotions that make you speechless, that moment when you feel as if you can defy time. And when you look at the people around you, you know that they felt just the same thing.

No, you might think I’m exaggerating but only the people who’ve seen it, know how mesmerizing it is.  It’s an exceptional beauty. People at KIA really are not making things up when they say that the OPTIMA K5 is ‘Ahead of its time’. It truly is! The design of the car looks like no other car on the road. While many cars of same class wearing rather outdated and bland designs, OPTIMA K5’s is bold and sporty yet also elegant and classy at the same time. It’s big in dimension but it is sleek unlike rivals from same segment who spotted big and bulky silhoutte. It looks athletic and very dynamic with smooth interplaying of sharp character lines, yet giving it design that’s not fussy and very easy on the eyes. Personal favourite’s gotta be that swooping rear roof line, pretty! Not to mention that chrome-lining on the side and unique styling of the windshield.

Yup, I know, the design team of the car includes Peter Schreyer, Miklos Kovacs, and Davide Limongelli who are in no way Koreans but I think they design the car just as perfect that it possess that rich, flamboyant and unique Korean flairs with no mistaking it for others’.  Also, I think the OPTIMA K5 is the prettiest to wear that unique Tiger Nose. With all the design wonders and harmony, it definitely deserved to be claimed ‘best of the best’ title at red dot design awards 2011 which give KIA the top honor. Just by contemplating the design, I think the OPTIMA K5 its already ahead of its class.

It’s not just a pretty face, mind you, it gots lots of gizmos and features that put its rivalries to shame. 

Let’s start with the ‘eyes’, it has auto-leveling HID xenon headlamps with auto light control system , escort lamp, washers and LED-daytime running lights . Most rivals spotted no or manual-leveling halogen headlights. Some of them don’t even have front fog lamps and LED-daytime running lights installed. Come on, LED-daytime running lights is the thing now. The one without it sure is not on the trend. OPTIMA K5 also have the most gorgeous tail light of all with the LED rear combination lamps. 

It also has machine-finished 18-inch, 10-spoke flush-faced alloy wheels, rear lip spoiler and electric gull-wing folding side mirrors. Most of the cars nowadays have side mirrors that fold sideways, so traditional and boring I would say. There’s also auto wipers, rear view camera and the side door mirror that comes with integrated LED side turn signals. There’s also powered panoramic sunroof! Kids sure love that a lot!

LED rear combination lamps, classy rim styling, and how could you not love that unique blend of lines and that chrome side-trim.
The dashboard and the interior are just as beautiful as the exterior of the car, the meter cluster gives you a needle sweep display upon starting on the engine with START/STOP button. Informative trip display that’s also been equipped, help the drivers a lot in engaging with the driving and the car. The steering is four-spoke multifunction with paddle shift gear, auto cruise control, ECO-driving and it is hydaulic-assist unlike most of rivals. There’s also 8 sound speakers from Infinity sound system and electrically-adjustable front seats. How cool is that compared to the rivals!

No need to worry about the safety, OPTIMA K5 comes with 6 airbags unlike most rivals which only comes with 2. It also features impact sensing auto door unlock, gas shock absorbers and high performance dampers with sliding valve mechanism. It also equipped with reversing camera with interior LCD display monitor.

Ride and handling wise, it comes with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) pack, Hill Assist Control (HAC)and Cornering Brake Control (CBC).

The ‘heart’, the 2.0 DCVVT Theta II engine gives the highest maximum power and highest maximum torque with 165PS and 198Nm respectively, which is shared with its ‘cousin’, the Hyundai Sonata. Other contenders give out 136PS - 156PS and 186Nm - 190Nm ranges of maximum power and maximum torque respectively. It comes with 6-speed automatic transmission unlike rivals which offer 4-5 speed only.
It’s priced on RM143,888.00 and comes with 5-year warranty contrasting with rivals which have higher price tags with only 3-year package.

A date with the OPTIMA K5
With all these, no wonder OPTIMA K5 had been recognized for its striking design and performance by Consumers Digest and named “Best Buys.”

All charms and magics in a package, the KIA OPTIMA K5 is definitely ahead of its class, in fact, it can set or be the new benchmark that is surely hard to reach for the other D-segment players. KIA OPTIMA K5 shows us that everything can surely co-exist in one interesting package. Idolizing the KIA OPTIMA K5, I do believe that KIA does possess ‘The Power to Suprise’.

p/s : Dear Song Hye Kyo, you're not anymore how I defined Korean beauty, it's this car that's in my head now. My girlfriend sure have to 'surrender' if I'm deciding to have this, haha...


  1. hahahhaha... ramai org akan surrender kalau kereta ini yang menjadi pujaan...hahahhaha... bukan gf jer... kawan2 pun x sabar menanti hari diijabkabulkan... keh3..

    1. Haha, selalu kan dengaq, yg kereta ni bini no 2 lepas bini pertama?

  2. ang tahu, pakcik tua pon boleh nampak hensem bila drive k5 ni. hehehe

    1. Kalau aku drive, nampak cool tak? tettt!

  3. cik abe sy bli kete ni..tekezut x terkata! speechless! nk nanges pon ada..