Saturday, March 17, 2012

Story book by God...

"I say", said Peter, musingly, "Wouldn't it be jolly if we all were in a book and you were writing it? Then you could make all sorts of jolly things happen, and make Jim's leg get well at once and be all right tonorrow, and father come home soon and ... "

"Do you miss your father very much?", Mother asked, rather coldly, Peter thought.

"Awfully", said Peter, briefly.

Mother was enveloping and addressing the second letter.

"You see", Peter went on slowly, "You see, it's not only him being father, but now he's away there's no other man in the house but me, that's why I want Jim to stay so frightfully much. Wouldn't you like to be writing that book with us all in it, mother, and make daddy come home soon?"

Peter's mother put her arm round him suddenly, and hugged him in silence for a minute. Then she said :
"Don't you think it's rather nice to think that we're in a book that God's writing? If I were writing a book, I might make mistakes. But God knows how to make the story end just right, in the way that's best for us."

The Railway Children by E.Nesbit.



  1. naissss... wehh ang bc mn buku nih?

    btw, lawa layout baru!! =D

    1. Baca mana? Baca buku akulah, haha...
      Aku beli lama dah kat Popular... Best cerita dia...

      Tudia, mesti lama tak mai singgah blog aku ni, dah lama sebenaqnya aku tukaq layout :p