Monday, February 20, 2012

Lessons of Life #2

Life so far has taught me that ;
It takes two lines to produce an angle,
It takes two ends to make a knot,
It takes two people to drive a relationship.
Two involving & committed people.
Two appreciative & tolerancing people.
Two passionate people.
If it’s only one-sided, that’s not what we called : driving a relationship.
That’s driving a car. It certainly does take you as a driver & the passengers to your  destination but does the passengers feel you?      
No they don’t.
                                                                                                               One-sided relationship doesn’t work.




  1. It takes two ends to make a knot, okay tetiba teringat kat zaman kuliah dulu...hehe.... zaman belajaq tekstil... the most important, kita pandai control diri kita dalam semua hal :))

    1. Wah, fashion designer ke ni?

      Yup, kita mesti pandai control diri...


  2. mula2 ingat lirik lagu jason mraz life s wonderful. sekali bukan daa.. not really understand, but in my opinion we cannot live alone rite? We need others to fill our life

    1. Hoho... Ada sama ke? Tak taw pulak lagu tu. Taw lagu "I'm Yours" je...

      Yup, betoi we cannot live alone...

      Maksud sebenaq post saya ni mainly focusing on relationship between two people... :)