Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twins of Faith...

Feeling really excited right now as I'm preparing my stuffs for a trip to Putrajaya tomorrow, to attend the TWINS OF FAITH. Been waiting for this over a month ago, & been telling to most of my classmates to join along.

So, what is it; the TWINS OF FAITH?
It's sorta like a big Islamic conference organized by the Mercy Mission World that targets the international Muslim community, along with many other activities. There are many speakers invited to share their thoughts and mind, amongst are our very own Ust. Dr. Zaharuddin Rahman, Dr. Faez Khaleed, Assoc Prof Dr Harlina Siraj & Wardina Saffiyyah. Other speakers come from Canada, Australia & UK. There's also entertainers coming on as well such as Boona Mohammed, Mu'adz Dzulkefly & many others that I'll get to know tomorrow, insyaAllah.

It's been almost 2 to 3 years since my last participation in a conference. Last time was something about the Zionist's agendas & I enjoyed it very much.

I hope that I will gain as many knowledge as I can through this program, insyaAllah.

Want to know more, do check it out on the web. If you feel interested to join, hurry! It's for two days only. ^_^

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  1. erm..ilmu yg dpt kat sn tu bole kongsi kat cni ckit..hehe