Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giving back.

Tajuk entry nak diva je, haha.

Every year since our Kulliyyah of Dentistry had been established, the batch of students who are doing their clinical session (practical session) will organize the community service in nearby residential area to give back to the community. Apart from having the objective to further increase the awareness and education level of the public towards the oral health care, it really is an opportunity for us to learn & polish the social skills of the way to communicate with the people as our career soon insyaAllah will always involve meeting with many types of people, from different backgrounds.

Last weekend, we; the 3rd years were very honoured to be given the opportunity to help our seniors; the 4th year in making the program a reality. It was done at Taman Impian Ku on the way to Sungai Lembing of Kuantan, Pahang. Started early in the morning, finished in the evening. Although it was raining, still, people who live in the area made an awesome effort to come. Thanks to them!

There's free dental checkup done, free medical check-up & consultation, some booth by some companies, colouring contest for the children, oral health education session & also some people from the organization of the residential area giving out some speech to officiate the program.

Let the pictures do the further story-ing! Enjoy! Malas nak type-lah tu, haha.

Footnote : Got the idea to do the collage-styled pictures from Dinie Q. Ngeh3...