Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote Quote #5

Asst Prof Dr Ammar Mustafa
Prosthodontics Unit (Prosthetic Dentistry)

1. "I am the breaker. Yes, denture-breaker not heart-breaker."
Dr Ammar told us that he himself going to break our first ever full denture that we had put on lots of efforts & times ( weeks, months...) working on it. He actually want to teach us how to repair a broken denture. 

2. "Repeat from the beginning, agony of Prosthetic Dentistry."
Our prosthetics practical works always involve chains of steps that have to be performed carefully & systematically in a given period of time. The fineness of the final product depends on the individual steps that have to be performed. Dr Ammar says, whenever he is not satisfy with the end product, we should always expect for any possibilites of repeating the whole process & he will not hesitate to say the word, REPEAT.

Dr Ammar is a very concern & understanding lecturer. As his lectures are sometimes long & full of contextual texts, he immediately recognize the faces that the students made when the things are not understood & he kindly explained it again & again. 
 The followings are my quotes of his words that all of us are acquainted with :

3. "Life is simple when we want it to be simple." 
 4. "Life is easy."
5. "Don't be upset in my lecture." 
6. "Don't laugh in my lecture. You're suppose to cry."
7. "Enjoy your life."
8. "Surrender to your destiny & take it."

9. "What about monomer? Irritant, just like you irritate me."
Working with monomer always need us to adhere to the standard laboratory precautions such as wearing the face masks & eye goggle (which we sometimes ignore). Monomer is irritant & can irritate the skin, you'll feel your skin sticky & cold. While explaining the irritant behaviour of the monomer, Dr Ammar jokingly referred it as having same characteristic with us, the students. 

10."They are nagging creatures. Sleeping creatures."
Dr Ammar referred the former to the girls while the latter to the boys.

11. "Don't minimize the space of your eyes."
Always, it's pretty common to find one or two students sleep during the lecture. Some of the lecturers choose to ignore it but Dr Ammar don't like it. He always said that sleeping in his lecture is 'Haram'.

12. "Keep your neck connected to your head."
Another funny line that he said when some of the sleepers start unconsciously 'swaying' on their head.


  1. hahahahaha.....seyesly aku tak pasan sgt most of the quotes yg dia sebut tu. ko bkan salin lecture notes kan. ko salin quote2 dia yg no. 11 tu mmg buat aku hafl (heart attack from laughing). hahaha :DDD

  2. weyh,aku salin dua2 kot,hahaha,sepah2 dlm lecture note aku quote2 besh, hahaha...gigih cepat2 salin... mst ang pernah kena sound dgn dia kan DJ? :p

  3. tergelak baca quotes ni. really funny n terrsangatlah betul even ada certain quotes tu blum pnah dgr sndr!! =)

  4. ya Allah... tersangat la betulnye anep!! gelak sakan aku bg post ang nih. some of the quotes aku xingt tp sebab ang tulis, dia mcm recall semula. haha..

  5. qayyimah : haha...kena tunggu lah kalau yg belum dengaq tu...Dr Ammar mmg funny walaupun muka dia nampak garang & kadang2 scary...

    farah : hahahaha...aku mmg suka menyalin benda2 ni... :D