Sunday, October 30, 2011


Feeling grossed out? My bad then, haha. Now please get that picture of yellowish or greenish slimy slicky 'thing' out of your mind because this entry is about how can we deal with it. Relax, Ok?

So, how do we deal with flu?
  1. Get enough sleep & keep ourself away from stress because inadequate time of sleeping & stress can make us more susceptible.
  2. Be more careful or be prudent paranoia. For instance, always wash our hand after having a shandhake with a person that have a flu, but don't make it obvious to the person, he or she might feel offended, we don't know right? Use hand sanitizer or in the bully word, be a germ geek! (joking, haha)
  3. Having a flu is not a sign that we have low immune level. Instead, it indicate that we have an active immune system because having a flu means our body is in the progress (or exerting an immune reaction) on the influenza virus.
  4. Put our hands off our faces. Why? Simply because the hands is the easiest conveyors of the influenza virus while our eyes & noses are the major portal of entry of the virus into our body. I've heard that it's a way to keep our face clean of acnes too, ever heard of it?
That's all. Easy right? But changing something into a habit do takes time. So, take your time. Allow ourselves for a little adjustment. An advise to myself as well.

Adapted from the Reader's Digest of August 2011. It's actually taken from the book Ah-Choo! The Uncommon Life of Your Common Cold by the science & health writer, Jennifer Ackerman. 


  1. hehe, very informative. rajinnye anep!

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  4. rara : haha, fungus hijau...scientific habis nama! :D

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    aimie amalina : oyeke...kalau resdung, ada makan ubat x?buat treatment tradisional ke...

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  6. kenapa bla demam je ada hingus???

  7. cik bambam : argh!!!kena tag sudah!!! hahahaha :D

    khairin : yeke macamtu...maybe sebab demam tupun sebagai immune response badan kita t'hadap causative agents yg t'tentu...


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