Monday, May 23, 2011

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Last academic year had been really wonderful & enjoying despite the hard & challenging daily ongoing tasks.
We got to learn 6 exam subjects including other subjects such as the Preventive Dentistry & Pediatric Dentistry.

For me, I really did enjoy all the lectures. Not just because I love the subjects themselves, but I also love to scribble down anything they said that I think was really funny.

So, in the couple of the next entries, I'm gonna posts them here in my blog to share it with you guys.


  1. 'i really did enjoy the lecture' ye anep..? hehehehehe!! i knw what u did last academic year..hahahahahaa =p

  2. hahaha...tenkiu & sorry abrar sbb selalu & x jemu2 kejut aku wpun kadang2 aku bengang...hahahaha :D

  3. anep pegang pen mcm org baru blaja tulis. hehe. tp tulisan cantik.

  4. hahahaha...mana taw tulisan cantik?mana cantik pun...haha