Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quote Quote #1

Asst Prof Dr Thant Hlaing
Basic Medical Sciences Unit (Pharmacology)

1. "At the start of the lecture, you're fully conscious..."
Dr Thant addressed us of the situation during the lecture in which at the last half of the class, most of us had already been in The Dreamland. Contrasting with at the start of the class which all of us are awake.

2. "What is Twilight? I don't understand that movie..."
Dr Thant turned the class into a laughing hall when he asked about the vampire movie. He was actually in the middle of explaining the Twilight Anaesthesia, part of the General Anaesthetic agents.

3. "Please, not yet finished..."
Sometimes Dr Thant prepared a long lecture slide & could't make it within the allocated hour. He asked us to wait a little bit while the students uncontrollably showed him the tired face.

4. "You're on the right track..."
Dr Thant expressed his happiness & relief when most of us understand his lectures. He always ask us questions to make us always remember the things that have been taught.

5. "Really? You want to hear it? You cannot understand it. Please tell me if it's disturbing."
Sometimes while we're copying lots of questions in the tutorial session, most of us take a very long time jotting it down. It always drive the class into complete silence. Sometimes Dr Thant played on some Myanmar songs with traditional beats. One evening, he don't play it on. Then, several friends asked him for the music. Suprised, he blurted out the above words.

6. "Believe it or not, this is atrium."
Dr Thant always tells us that he can't draw well. Often, his explanation of the subjects need him to draw physiological diagrams of the organ in our body. One time, when he need to explain things that happen to the cardiac system when certain drugs are administered, he simply draw the four chambers of the heart by simply drawing some lines.


  1. hahahahaha....

    seyes funny la. lagi..lagi.. :p

  2. terharu lah...teringat kat murobbi2 ilmu..moga Allah beri mereka hidayah...ameen ....

  3. Dj:hahaha...tunggu.tgh belek2 nota.biasa dok tulis sekali,haha...
    AR:insyaAllah,rugi depa kalau x t'gerak hati atau x bg peluang kat diri sendiri utk dekati Islam, tp rugi lg kalau kita x ambik peluang utk bwk depa dekati Islam,hu3... aku xrasa aku mampu lg nak capai tahap bley cakap face to face, masih belum kuat...