Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pay to sleep

Ever since I followed my friend to watch the Twilight saga movies at the cinema, I've kinda developed a habit to sleep while watching the movie. It may sound OK to sleep in the movies I dislike such as the Twilights, but it's kinda frustrating when I also sleep while watching the movies that I like & been looking forward to.

I've just been back from watching the latest Narnia movie with my friend. I've always been fond of movies that are 'magic-ish', you know, like the Harry Potters. It may sound absurd to some people but anyhow that's what I like to watch. Back to Narnia, it's not that the movie is boring, it's very great actually, but i don't know, it's really hard to keep my eyes open & my mind focus. Sometimes, I do sleep in the lectures, haha, but, in the cinemas too? Am I having a problem on concentrating or focusing on what I'm doing, that's why I'm worried about.

In the lectures, that's a bad thing.

But, in the cinema, maybe it's purposely written that way. I mean, maybe it's what Allah wants it to be. After all, going to cinemas kinda wasting your money & time especially me, haha. I still remember the teachers in my primary school been very discouraging about going to cinemas. Lagha. And, my parents don't really love the idea of wasting anything at the cinema. They prefer to wait for a year or two for the movies to be aired on TV especially in the festive season.

Especially in today's borderless world, any movies can just be downloaded from the net. A day or two from the release date you can get the recorded-in-the-cinema version. Be patient for a week, then you can get the nice quality version.

Actually, the only thing that you can't get or feel when watching at places other than cinemas is maybe the excitement or the anticipation the moment the movie is been released at the cinemas. Eagerly awaited movies such as the Transformers, Harry Potters & Twilights really drive the fans crazy and the ticket sold out very fast. I still remember when the 1st installment of Transformers was released, we still don't get to watch it even a week after, as the tickets are selling mad, cause us to spend more ringgits on the movie as we won't give up & went to the IMAX (Berjaya Times Square) instead.

What say me is that I want to reduce my visit to the cinemas afterward, really want to. I just know that I'll always be drifting away into my own movie inside my head. I'll never want to pay to sleep anymore.

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