Monday, December 13, 2010

Life goes on

Dear blog...
Lama pulak rasa tak update or post entry baru.

Not really.


So, how's life? 

Any interesting things? 
No, not interesting at all.

Bad things then? 
I'm really down & feel out of spirit as I got really bad results for my last exam. I thought I'd give my very best, guess that it wasn't enough then. I really don't know why I still got bad results even after I'd change my study style, exam after exam, following recommendations from my family, lecturers & friends. I feel so inferior when seeing most of my friends have improved results. Kadang2 rasa macam : "Bodohnya aku ni...". Ish3.

Another thing, scholar tak masuk2 lagi. Lambat. So, many planned activities have to be delayed for a while. Activities?What activities?Hmm.

A week of Block 3 had past. Last weekend was very boring that I feel like I could just die of boredom.
Despite my achy breaky heart, Alhamdulillah I still can stand up again to try again. Hope that a great future awaits me.

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