Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lied by you. Again.


It's a strong & miraculous power that holds people. It's a seal. It's a deal. It's like a promise that holds us with anyone, might be anyone we know, might be anyone we never know.


It's there when bussinessmen meet up at the lifestyle dining places to draw great future for themselves.
It's there when people goes to the banks to store their valuable round pieces of metals & coloured rectangular pieces of papers.
It's there when two heads of two countries exchange handshake & signed-documents in events known to many.
It's there when mothers letting their children to stay far away to study, to learn to be a person.
It's there when a man & a woman agree to go sailing on a very wide sea with no known ending.
It's there when a person agrees to befriend a strangers.

When you trust somebody, without knowing, without realizing, you give a part of you, a part of your life in the hand of that person whoever, whom you're dealing with.

To build a trust, it can never happen in a glimpse of a storming meteor in the night sky full of shining stars. It may take years, it may take all the seconds in your life. Just look at how hard a man must do to convince a woman & her family to make them trust & believe in him so that they can build a family. It takes years. It may take less than a year, may take less than a month but never, in a week, never, in a day. Never, in a second. It's just crazy. How hard it is to build a trust, to be trusted.


One don't need a year, one don't need a month, one don't need a week, not even a day to destroy a strong & firm thing called TRUST. 

A second is enough.
To cause war between countries.
To pronounce a husband not anymore a husband & a wife not anymore a wife.
To turn friends into foes.
To make everybody hates each other.

When a trust is broken between two people, they may never look at each other the same. It'll never be the same as used to be before.

Yet, after the trust had been broken by the same lies from the same old person, people, me sometimes, still willing to skip the healing of the broken heart & emotions, and still willing to build that same TRUST as before, still willing to let that wicked person, whoever they are to hold parts of my life.

Heart, although it shattered like broken glass, It can amazingly, slowly come back together, unlike the broken glass.

But, Enough. No more.
My heart, myself had been broken apart & come together again for so many times. I don't know when it will break & just disappear along with the air. Please, don't break it more when it still can be mended.

When my trust is broken by the very same lie from the same old you for so many times I can never remember, it doesn't mean I'm blinded, it's not because I'm stupid, helpless & weak that I don't come to senses.

It's because I'm too kind & pure. To let you play it on again.

To let you, a casette to keep on repeating same songs in me, the radio.
You thought that you may break me but at last it's you, casette, who have twisted bands & can never play the songs nicely.