Sunday, October 24, 2010


Little did I knew that when the previous blog entry entitled 'Hikayat Katy & Perry' I posted, I'm gonna lose them in the very next morning. Now, the word 'Hikayat' really comes to 'live'.

My dear Katy & Perry were cruelly ripped apart & 'destroyed' by from what I heard, 4 wild dogs. I don't really know how it happen actually because at that time, it was 2, 3 a.m, so I was sleeping. What really hurt me is that I didn't manage to do anything to save them. What I can do is just wash away all the mess (& the 'tahi') that that stray dogs left. They really want me to know that they had 'buried' the rabbits inside their stomach.

I'm not really sad because of the death because that's what the cycle is. I'm just really sad because I wasn't there. If I was there, surely I'll fight for them.

They were very small when we got them.

Cute & small.

Just look at how they grow..
I'm really gonna miss those cute hands that always wanna touch mine.
Perry really loves it when I blow to his face. Then, he will be a good boy & be very silent.
Perry & me.
Most recent pictures I had with Perry.

Yeah. You're just animals. Some people said that to me. But such bond that we had, those are very sweet. I hope I've done my job well in taking care of you guys because little mistakes that I made, surely I'll be ask in the Day of Judgement. Yeah, you're truly just animals, but you're my responsibilites, my amanah.


  1. aku pun sedih katy n perry dh xde anep.
    they are the cutest rabbit ever (after my late miranda. teeheee)

    jom bela lagi nak? =)

  2. hu3...tula weyh.kdg2 aku dok teringat taw,nk bg mkn kt dorg,pastu bru tersedar yg dorg dh xde..hu3..

    xsuka anjing..anjing jahat..hu3..

    aku rsa mcm nk bela ikan je..senang..letak je dlm air biar dia wat keja sniri..xyah nk risaw2 sapa nk mkn ikan tu..haha

  3. kat uia byk kucing terbiar.kecik2 lagi..ko try bela ke. :)

  4. Ah sokong DJ! Terlampau byk. Pilih la 2 3 pastu bela :D

  5. Dj & dinie : aku suka je kucing tp bau taik dia mmg xbley blah laa...satu dunia bau..haha

  6. bela ikan? suka tgk tp xsuka bila kena basuh air air dia. sebab kena bawak dia keluar, slimy2.. geli..