Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Proton Waja?

Kalau anda pengikut2 & peng-update2 setia industri automotif negara kita ni, surely berita yg ditunggu-tunggu is pelancaran the anticipated Proton Waja replacement which is based on the latest model of Mitsubishi Lancer (Jerung) yg amat2lah diminati ramai. Asal lalu je Lancer, tak bekelip mata. Tak keterlaluan kalau saya kata Mitsu Lancer ialah model yg me-revive-kan balik nama Mitsubishi kat Malaysia ni. Kalau flashback balik, ada satu period tu Mitsu 'senyap' je kat Malaysia, tak ingat pulak tahun bila. Sekarang ni dah banyak balik model2 Mitsu kat atas jalan Malaysia ; Triton, Grandis & others.

Ok, back to main attention.

Sejak keluar rumours pasal Waja Lancer, maka banyaklah orang2 yg mengagak-agak macam manalah rupa kereta tu nanti.  

Rendering by the always excellent Theophilus Chin (always close to the real model)

More renderings By Theophilus Chin :

And, followings are several sightings of strapped, disguised 'Mitsu Lancer' taken from Paul Tan.

Proton codenamed it P390A. My say, it will not retain the Waja name & will be given new name due to :

This name-the-car contest is only for the Proton employees. Before, people thought that the car sketched in the above ad is going to be another new Proton. 

Well, you know Internet, ahead of the launch, there is already leaked pic of the Waja Lancer. Big thanks to you The Spoiler, whoever you are, haha.

So, here it is. The star.

The new Proton undergoes a little nosejob in which the corporate identity (floating grill) which can be seen in the Persona & Exora. It is also said to have a little bit of Lotus engineering & handling. Just imagine : Lotus + Mitsubishi, how good the DNA is, haha. The front bumper design is kinda close to Exora's. The chrome bar which already seen at the back of Persona & high-spec Exora will may also be seen at the back of this new Proton.

Anyhow, let's just wait for the official launch of the car soon. All people are waiting for the announcement of the price, (wonder how much it's gonna be) and also the engine's cc. I bet most of the future buyers will modify it to look like Mitsu Lancer or Evo. Haha.

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