Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stress itu Tekey...

Stress? Surely everybody have experience it. Everyday. Physiologically, stress can be classified into two : Good Stress & Bad Stress. Not to mention that it is the action of hormone Cortisol which we may hate sometimes as it is responsible for the 'stressness' feeling that we endure. Now, let's not get into that, haha. Let me share something about how to deal with this 'daily-routine' of our life that I found quite interesting from a book that I read recently.  

When we’re stressed out (or ‘tekey’) about something there are actually 2 big things that get mixed up & we’re unconsciously confused :
1.       Our  feelings & emotion at that time. How anxious, how worried, how  
                depressed, how upset, how angry, how sad we are about the situation.

2.       Our action to deal or overcome the problems/stress that burden us.
So, in dealing with stress, we have to first determine/decide what actually we’re focusing on. Our FEELINGS about the problems or our ACTIONS to solve the problems.
Some people, they are too much enganged to their feelings. They like to emo2 & jiwang2 & they usually take a long time to be ‘pampered’ with the emotions. Well, it’s not a wrong thing but if it’s a little bit too much, it surely takes much of our time, disturb our daily goings & decrease our productivity. Noelle Nelson said that you can of course ‘pampered’ yourself with the blue-feelings but be sure to release it when you’re done. Specify what is actually you’re problems, what is actually your stress. “Failure in exams”, “Too much things to study”, “No holidays”, name it. By doing this, it can actually ease us in finding the right way to solve the problems/stress because we know what is that that make us to feel such & such feelings.
To release the feelings, there’re many things that can be done, depending on individuals. For some people, they like to be with somebody that they can share their problems with. Some like to just being alone. Some like to write the problems down on a paper. Some like to just go to the beach & shout it out loud. As for us; Muslims, we can do a 2 rakaat prayer, we can recite the Qur’an or you can just simply go to your bed, cover your head with the pillow & cry. While doing this you can call Allah by your heart & tells Him how sad, how depressed you are about something. It really work as long as you have faith in Him.
When we’re done with our feelings, it’s time to figure out the way to solve the problems.
Ask ourselves : “Is this something that I can solve?”
If you believe you can; then do it, find the right solution to your respective problems. For instance, if we’re stressed out about having too much too study maybe we can make ourselves a study timetable, join study groups, avoid last minute study & so on. (I really have to do this in my daily goings, for real..)
If you believe you cannot; change your perceptions about the problems. Change the way we see it. Actually, the problems we’re facing aren’t actually problems. It becomes a problem because that’s how we see it, that’s how we perceived it. That’s why the same problem that cause us so much stress aren’t so much bother/burden to other people. We view different problems very different. We need to change our perception on what is painful to us, & what’s not. In time, our mind, ourselves will become immuned to the problems & we no longer feel stressed out about it. 
Then only we can finally solve our problems.
Not to forget, always pray to Him for only He knows best. ^_^