Sunday, May 9, 2010


No guys, please don't laugh now. Let me explain myself first, haha.

I am not the kind of people who like to read a love-story novel, really. I do read lots of books, various genre/type but, a love story? NOPE.

I myself didn't remember the reason of buying this novel.

What I can remember is that I bought it in Kuantan & at that time, New Moon movie was still a hot topic.

I think, maybe I bought it for the reason of knowing the continuation of the New Moon I guess.

When I read it....EYWH!

Haha, no offence to the kipas-susah-matis, but I think all dudes surely feel uncomfortable reading this book.


Mainly because the story was narrated from the perspective of a girl, that Bella Swan. So, most of the story tells about what she thinks about her vampire boyfriend; that Edward Cullen, what they do, her feelings, her sadness, her conflict, her confused & mixed feeling toward her werewolf friend, Jacob Black & all other girl things I don't know.

I usually read every single word in all the books that I have cover-to-cover. But this novel really change my habit, haha. I always scan & jump to the part where there's some sort of conflict or fighting, you know, guy stuff...

I know that it's kinda like my fault (Who even ask you to buy it, Hanif?)

Anyone feeling like reading it? 'Cause I don't plan to keep it, haha...


  1. How about we make BBQ after exam by using this grrroooosss thing?...i guess. =D

  2. haha..xyahla smpay bakar..kejam plak,haha..mcm bakar duit plak..haha