Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Warnakan Hidup Anda!!!

I've got this something from a friend during my pre-university study at PJ. I'm not sure where he got this, but it's kinda make sense & interesting as well.

Do you know that COLOUR affects every moment of our lives although most of the time we're unconscious about it?
Following,I've got some interesting facts about some of the colours that ease our eyes everyday. Check this out.

RED (my favourite,^_^) is the most powerful colour of all because of its ability to stimulate our heart & blood circulation system so that it raises the heart rate. It is a dynamic, daring, warm, sensual, determined, impatient & ambitious colour. Studies even show that people are more daring to gamble more while under red lighting (Really? I would never know). Also, red colour stimulates appetite more than any other colour. (Hah,now it explain my everytime craving...)

YELLOW is the most cheerful, happiest, brightest & most uplifting of all colours. It stimulates the brain to make people alert, clear-headed & decisive. Because it helps aids our brain in these activities, it would be a good idea to sit in yellowness while you are thinking so that you can come out with great ideas. Person that wears yellow is someone that is easily approachable because they seem stimulating, spontaneous & interesting.

GREEN is the colour of freshness, peace, freedom, relaxation & security. Green has a balancing quality that regulates our circulation so it is physically & emotionally good for the heart. Why don't you try & seek green while you are stressed out. (Park, or something). Hey, one more, have you ever heard that by looking at green thing can also soothes & relaxes our eyes?

BLACK is powerful for it's mysteriousness, dominance & sophistication. The black-wearers are often strong-willed, opinionated, disciplined & independent. Black is a colour that is very popular in clothing, esp. formal clothing because it makes things look smaller, meaning it makes people look thin.(Huh?)

WHITE is the colour that always associated with cleanliness, purity, coldness & peace. It gives off the aura of freedom & calmness. However, too much white can be cold & isolating. People who wear white often have a positive, well-balanced & optimistic personality.

BLUE is associated with a cool, calm, hopeful, protected, trusting & accepting feeling. It inspires mental control, clarity & creativity. Blue has a direct effect on our autonomic nervous system in which it helps to calm & soothe us. Blue is also an appetite suppressant. This is believed to be due to the fact that there is no blue food other than blueberries. (How about Nasi Kerabu,then?) In decorative perspective, blue is most suited for deep thinking & relief from a stressful life.

Lastly, colour subconsciously plays a major role in the psychology of humans. It can be a major persuasion factor in our emotions & they can seriously uplift or bring us down...



  1. one of your friendsApril 15, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    hei, how about me?
    first, i love yellow,
    then, change into blue, and
    now, i don't know which type of colour that i like?

  2. kita mesti ada semua kaler...
    atau kita mesti suka semua kaler?

  3. one of my frens:haha..bnyaknya??xpe2...more colour the merrier =D
    kawan aku:terpulang pd diri kita..tp,xsemestinya kita kna suka suma..wpun mcmtu,xsemestinya bila kita xsuka seswatu kaler tu means yg kita lack the qualities yg kaler tu represent...(rasanyala,haha) =D