Thursday, March 11, 2010

How can I be happy?

Past few days,when I still in my leave-me-alone mood 'cause of the bad exam results, many things I've done to chase away my blue. One of those things was reading this one book titled : 706 Words of Wisdom To Be The Happiest People. This book was authored by the same LaTahzan's Dr. 'Aid Abdullah Al-Qarni. I would like to share some of the kalimatun toyyibah with antum semua :
  • Praising Allah all the time comforts the heart, erases sins & solves agonies.
  • Keep in mind that with the difficulties, there are facilities & with the sufferings, there are relieves. Life is never static.
  • Keep away from hopelessness & pessimism, be optimistic. Be husnuzhaan to Allah & do wait with patience for the goodness & grace from Him.
  • The optimistic good fellow will soften your hardships & will open the doors of hopes, otherwise, it is the pessimistic who will make your life dark & horrible.
  • Obstacles are not the end of everything, morning always comes after night, so there will always be a solution.
So, no more sorrow!!! ^_^


  1. great..jgn sedey2 ye...nt lmbt kawin..hahah...amar hamzah nk kawin dh...hebat..

  2. dont wori, be epi, life longer,insyaAllah :)

  3. wan:hahaha...ada kna mengena ke kawen dgn marah??haha..btw,ammar dh jd laki org la..haha

    kak raihan:insyaAllah,amiiin.masin mulut kak raihan.. =D

  4. i bought this book too. it somehow help me to ease my pain and's worthy to have this book